Reliability Engineering

Delta System Solutions has extensive experience in the generation of RAM products for gas turbines, modern military weapon systems and large aircraft is extensive. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs, be that a piece part or parts count reliability prediction, functional, component or interface FMECA, failure mode effects summaries, failure mode effects test plans, etc. Alternatively Delta System Solutions can provide experienced professionals for customer interfacing and tailored plans which allow you to meet your internal or external customer expectations at lowest cost.

In addition, through our independent checks of your designs we can identify hardware and software corrections at the start of your design process, allowing for left-side-V fixes at lowest costs to you.

Project Experience

Aero-Engine Systems – Nacelle Interface units, Turbomachinery FMECAs, Oil and Fuel System FMECAs

Aircraft Systems – Digital Fly-By-Wire Flight Controls and SPILS (Spin Prevention and Incidence Limiting system) units, Cockpit/Avionics-Bay/Wing interface units (Data Concentrators), Power Distribution systems, 270VDC & 28VDC Lithium Battery systems, Station Keeping units


Reliability Predictions

Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis

Failure Mode Effect Summaries

Testability Analysis

Isolation Analysis

Unit integration testing

Failure Mode Effects Testing





DEF STAN 00-40


Tools and Methods supported

Mil Stress

Tailored Excel Spreadsheets

Tailored Access Databases